Lauren Ahlgren:

Lauren, a northwest native, has always been passionate about the Oregon Coast and the water. She began surfing in high school and has worked to create a lifestyle around her love for surfing ever since. Participating on swim teams throughout childhood and adolescents, working as a lifeguard and teaching children to swim has instilled Lauren with the expertise and skills needed to provide a safe environment for learning and inspiring.




Max, a fourth generation Seasidian, whos overall goal is safety and fun while in and out of the water. As a sixth year instructor at Oregon Surf Adventures, he teaches all ages the materials needed to be able to surf Oregon's tricky waves. A recent graduate of the University of Oregon's school of Geography, Max wants to pursue a job that allows him to explore his passion for surfing. He believes that there's always something to gain from this experience, and that you can take it with you to a break of your choice.      


Laird Tuel

"My name is Laird Tuel and am attending University of Oregon pursuing a business degree. I have lived at the coast my whole life and have spent nearly half my life avidly surfing. I'd say it is the most fun thing I have ever done, and it will always be my passion. It's a huge part of my life, and I love giving the gift of being able to enjoy the ocean to anyone who's willing to try. Surfing is awesome and you should try it!"


Krystyn Strother (yoga)

 A certified yoga instructor, volunteer with Street Yoga, as well as part-time cowgirl, hiker, camper, music maker, lover of outdoor activities, including but not limited to fireside philosophizing, pancake breakfasting and outdoor showering. She adores Bella the cat, urban gardening, waffles, Scrabble, and tropical islands. Krystyn's appetite for yoga and adventure is infectious. As an alignment based vinyasa teacher her intent is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to cultivate awareness, physical strength and an overall sense of well-being in all they do. It is her hope that through your experience with NOMAD you will learn a little bit more about yourself, laugh a little bit louder and love a little bit deeper.



Maya Sacks

"Hi, my name is Maya Sacks and I will be your photographer for the day. I was born in Cannon Beach, Oregon and raised just 20 miles south in Nehalem. I have been surfing since a young snot nosed grom, but it wasn't a passion of mine until I was 13. Once I caught the surf stoke I was hooked. A few years down the line I began taking photos and that is where my love for the ocean and photography collided. I hope you catch the surf stoke like I did and I will be there to capture every moment of it. Aloha!"


Kailani Lauderdale

"Hi, my name is Kailani Lauderdale, I have been surfing my as long as I can remember. I have surfed all around the world and there is nothing I love more than to share my stoke and experience with others. I am currently interested in marine biology, and spend as much time as possible outdoors. I also enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, soccer and many other sports. My objective is to give you a safe and rewarding experience that leaves you confident and excited to progress and explore."